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Before you meet with me try to have these items collected. It will assist me in evaluating a market price for your home.

Survey – A survey of your property showing the lot size, location of buildings, and any encroachments from neighbouring properties. Buyers request this and may be needed to complete the sale of your home. Your lawyer may recommend a new survey, especially if significant changes have been made to your property.

Property tax receipts – Information about current annual property tax assessments.

Mortgage verification – Details about your mortgage provided by a mortgage lender upon your authorization. I can assist you in this if you have never done this.

Deed or title – A legal description of your property, and proof that you own it. The lawyer you had close your home should have this and a survey if you do not.

Other documentation – Annual heating bills, water and sewage costs, electricity bills, and recent expenditures on home improvements. Any rental items such as appliances, hot water tanks, alarm systems.

Having this information available at the meeting helps significantly help to evaluate and market your home.