Don’t “Fall” into the Season Without Preparing Your Home

Getting your home ready for the cooler weather:

Proper maintenance of your home and garden will help preserve your investment. And best of all, keeping your house in tip-top shape this fall will prevent any unnecessary chores in the spring.

Outdoor Projects

  • Complete exterior painting before cooler weather arrives
  • Check and repair exterior lighting before daylight fades
  • Store lawn ornaments and patio furniture in a shed or basement. If space is limited, weather-resistant covers can protect outdoor furnishings
  • Cover air conditioner and barbecue to prevent winter damage
  • Close your pool before leaves start to fall, and nighttime temperatures begin to drop. Sooner than that and you risk an algae bloom
  • Store kids toys indoors or in an outdoor shed to prevent rusting and fading

Lawn & Garden

  • Till and prepare planting beds when the soil is relatively dry. By adding soil and mulch to your beds, you’ll be a step ahead for spring planting
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs and perennials
  • Protect roses, saplings and small trees by sheltering them with a burlap screen
  • Pull weeds to reduce the number of seedlings next spring
  • Mow grass short for the final cut of the year by reducing the cutting height gradually to 3.5 cm (from 7.4 cm) until the grass stops growing

Indoor Preparation

  • Bring container plants indoors, making sure they are free of pests. Doing so may enable plants to survive the season and bloom again in spring
  • Check and clean your humidifier. Empty the tank, dry the inside surfaces and refill with clean water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions