Seasonal Decor: Bringing the Outdoors In

Cooler winter temperatures and shorter daylight hours naturally limit the time we spend outside. Current interior design trends use nature punctuated with colour as a theme to rescue us from cabin fever. Here are some of this season’s ‘outdoor-in’ design essentials:

  • Wreaths and Garlands: Made from traditional pine or more contemporary bay leaves, eucalyptus or holly. Live or faux, they are interwoven with brightly contrasting citrus fruits, pomegranates or berries for the most natural look. Glass-like beads and solid spherical ornaments in a shock of intense colour are also featured this season. Look for wreath stands to showcase your wreath at adjustable heights. Garlands look best along mantles, doorframes, windowsills and banisters, snaked among candles on tabletop centrepieces, and as trimming atop tall furniture like bookcases, wardrobes and entertainment credenzas.
  • Trees and Topiaries: Like wreaths and garlands, trees and topiaries combine the same natural elements interwoven with vivid colours whether live or faux. This season, you can also find them made entirely of a single material, such as glass-like beads, holly berries, tinsel, or round ornaments, in either a uniform tone or a bouquet of colours. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be brilliantly illuminated with lights and garland, or they can sparkle alone with a pre-treatment designed to imitate frost, ice or dew.
  • Faux Fire: Indoors or out, there’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire to add ambiance to quality time spent enjoying family and friends. It’s no surprise then, that sales of electric fireplaces are red-hot this season. They provide the romance and warmth of a traditional gas or wood burning fire without the requisite venting or gas lines, and at a fraction of the cost. Plug them into a standard 120-volt outlet to heat the room, or turn the heat off and appreciate the flame effect alone, complete with glowing embers! Electric fireplaces can be purchased as an insert for existing fireplaces or as a stand-alone piece with a mantle surround. Mantles are available in a variety of styles, colours and wood materials to suit a variety of personal tastes.
  • Finishing Touches: Just as the snow sparkles outside, so too do those finishing touches. From decorative ornaments, to picture frames, to napkin rings, to cardholders, to candles and candleholders…think jeweled. If those finishing touches aren’t bejeweled with faux gemstones, then they glitter with the imitation effect of frost or ice.

Don’t Wait To List!

Once your home is updated with the winter season’s latest design essentials, it is most visually appealing to prospective buyers. Serious homebuyers are indeed active through the holidays and into the early months of the New Year. This means minimal disruption for you and your family and viewings from truly qualified prospects. Please contact me for more information about listing during the winter season.