Looking for Toronto’s next 10 neighbourhoods

No matter what real estate hat you are wearing, be it that of an investor, a first-time buyer, a empty nester or simply a friend shooting the proverbial shit, you have asked me this question… where in Toronto would be a great place to buy a house as an investment and to start a family?

Here are the next 10 neighbourhoods in Toronto to buy into as noted by Toronto Life:

  • Mimico: South of the Gardiner, on Lake Ontario and close to the downtown core, the neighbourhood is abundant with bungalows and two storey homes that offer great starter opportunities with future addition potential;
  • East End Danforth: With proximity to the Boardwalk, Shopping of The Beach, and a wide range of housing stock from semis to stately Edwardian detached homes, the neighbourhood is a great place to be close to the Danforth and The Beach without paying The Beach prices;
  • Christie Pits: A reclaimed neighbourhood by local residents from the city’s underbelly, Christie Pits is fast becoming an oasis for young, friendly families.
  • St. Lawrence: Established in 1803, the neighbourhood is a well planned, walkable community with sound supply of condo stock with spacious units with more coming.
  • L’Amoreaux: Fast becoming popular because of its bungalows and split-levels with generous square footage, lot sizes and schools.
  • Blake-Jones: With a desirable commute of 15 minutes, the neighbourhood is also known  as a tight-knit community known to regularily come together for a variety of local projects.
  • Davisville Village: The last bastion of off-Yonge houses with price tags between $600,000 and $800,000.  The midtown neighbourhood is best known as a family friendly neighbourhood with good schools.
  • Corktown: At the centre of Downtown Toronto’s south-east corner redevelopment, the neighbourhood is on the verge of a renaissance with new parks, restaurants and schools.
  • Wallace-Emerson: Now spotted with galleries, restaurants vintage shops and cafes, the neighbourhood is on the rise.  Developers are also seeing the value and are snatching up empty lots around the neighbourhood.
  • Brockton Village: Like its neighbour, Wallace-Emerson, Brokton Village is undergoing a renaissance with new businesses setting up shop and young families moving in.

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