Harbourfront / Waterfront

The Harbourfront neighbourhood incorporates a unique blend of residential, cultural, recreational, and commercial uses, all within the same community.

Harbourfront also serves as Toronto’s playground by the lake. It is enjoyed by all Toronto residents, as well as being a popular destination point for tourists.

Neighbourhood Schools:

  • The Waterfront School (Jr. & Sr.) (Website);
  • Jarvis Collegiate Institute (Website); and
  • Central Technical School (Website).

A little history about Toronto’s Harbourfront / Waterfront

Toronto’s Harbourfront district was created from landfill in the early 1800’s. It quickly developed into a tangled web of industry that included shipping facilities, warehouses, railway tracks, grain silos, and factories, all dotting the shoreline. Unfortunately, these physical barriers cut Harbourfront off from the rest of Toronto.

It wasn’t until 1972, with the creation of the federally sponsored Harbourfront Corporation, that Toronto citizens began to reclaim their waterfront.

Harbourfront has been undergoing a renaissance ever since.

A shining example of Harbourfront’s transformation is the Queens Quay Terminal. This building was one of the largest warehouses in North America when it opened in 1927. The Terminal was remodelled in 1980, and today includes a successful mix of high end residential, commercial, and retail space all under one roof.


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