Trinity Bellwoods

The focal point of this inner-city neighbourhood is the very picturesque Trinity-Bellwoods Park, which spans the entire length of the neighbourhood. This park features a paved walking path that is highlighted by distinguished cast iron lamp poles and a lush greenery.

In addition to Trinity-Bellwoods Park, this neighbourhood also features affordable Victorian houses, excellent shopping districts, and convenient access to major transportation routes for motorists and pedestrians.

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Neighbourhood Schools:

  • Charles G. Fraser Jr. (Website);
  • Grace Street Jr. (Website);
  • Givens/Shaw Jr. & Sr. (Website);
  • Central High School of Commerce (Website);
  • Harbord Collegiate Institute (Website);
  • Senator Santo Cristo (Website).

A little history about Trinity Bellwoods

In the early 1800’s, Trinity-Bellwoods was part of a tract of land belonging to Captain Samuel Smith. Smith named his one hundred acre Park Lot ‘Gore Vale’. Gore was in honour of Lieutenant-Governor Francis Gore, and Vale denoted the ravine that is now Trinity-Bellwoods Park.

The lower half of Gore Vale became the grounds of Trinity College, after which this neighbourhood is named. Trinity College was built in 1852, on the site where Trinity-Bellwoods Park is now situated. The entrance gates to Trinity College are still standing at the foot of Queen Street and Strachan Avenue, and serve as a lonely reminder of this once proud institution.

The present day neighbourhood began to take shape in the 1880’s. By the early 1900’s, the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood was completely developed.


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