Junction Triangle

A local residents group that organized under the name Fuzzy Boundaries initiated a year long campaign encouraging residents to put forward and debate potential names for their neighbourhood. In the end more than 200 names were suggested and 674 votes were cast. The winning name announced in March 2010 is Junction Triangle. Ironically this was the first name coined for this neighbourhood back in the 1970s. The name had largely fallen out of use, but now promises to be revived.

Junction Triangle is currently undergoing a major revitalization that has seen much of its former industrial core replaced by residential lofts and townhomes.

This neighbourhood has attracted the attention of developers, due to its close proximity to High Park and the revitalized Junction Gardens shopping district on Dundas Street West, as well as its easy access to the Bloor subway line.

The City of Toronto has also shown an interest in jump-starting this vital west-end neighbourhood; it purchased land alongside an old CN rail right-of-way to create a bicycle path, which suits the preferred mode of transportation for many residents in this neighbourhood.