Home Ice Advantage: How to Make a Backyard Ice Rink

Here are a few steps you can take to get that backyard ice rink your kids have been bugging you about put together for a winter of skating:

  1. Envision where your new ice rink will be, ensuring it’s on the flattest area possible. Hammer 4 stakes into the ground for each corner (as a rule of thumb, the rink’s length should be at least twice the size of its width).
  2. Use 5 x 20cm boards to attach to stakes and build entire perimeter.
  3. Use a tarp or a large sheet of vapour barrier to insert in rink area and staple to inside boards.
  4. In a cold temperature, fill rink with 5cm depth of water.
  5. Place another tarp or covering across top of rink, ensuring it does not touch water, and tie down. This will prevent leaves, branches or debris from falling in while water freezes.
  6. Let water freeze at least three days before stepping on rink.
  7. Remove cover, and enjoy your new backyard rink. Game on!